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Anisha Thai was born and raised in Paris, ethnically from Comoros Islands and Vietnam.

After Choreographing for the Wii game Just Dance - Ubisoft in Paris, she started living in London and South Africa where she completed her Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Then she moved to Hong Kong to pursue her Civil Engineering career. Managing both her passion and her career at the same time has always been her goal as part of her message to empower women especially in male-dominated career fields.

In April 2019 she started to practice and post Afro Dance videos from Hong Kong. She got noticed by Afrobeats Artists (Yemi Alade, P Square, Patoranking) who reposted her videos on their Social Media. 7 months later she started to give her first Afrobeats Dance Class in Hong Kong.

Being African-Asian, Anisha’s goal is to promote diversity and spread Afro culture in Hong Kong and Asia and bridge gap between cultures through Dance. She is currently both a Civil Engineer and Professional Dancer, Choreographer & Model.

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“I want to share a message of hope and inspire young ladies to chase their dreams – you can be African and Asian, you can be an engineer and a dancer, anything is possible.”⁣

Anisha Thai


July 2020

As someone with Vietnamese, Comorian, and French heritage, Anisha appreciates how her love for dance has carried her across the world, allowing her to explore new cultures and meet new people. Despite growing up in Paris, Anisha dreamt of a living an even more international lifestyle – “it was important for me to move away and challenge the way I thought.”⁣

Now based in Hong Kong, Anisha is hoping to nurture the city’s budding Afro-dance community. “Life, similar to dance, is meant to be shared with other people. Helping them to grow, and as a result, developing yourself as well.”⁣

“At this moment I just want to continue to inspire people, to help them realize they can do whatever they want as long as they stick to it and believe in themselves.”⁣

A tried and tested trope of 21st century social discourse no doubt, but Anisha’s tone is sincere and carries weight. As someone who’s feet have quite literally taken her from Paris to London to Hong Kong, Anisha appreciates how far belief and determination can carry you. “I want to share a message of hope and inspire young ladies to chase their dreams – you can be African and Asian, you can be an engineer and a dancer, anything is possible.”⁣

Art and Self

“When I dance on the street facial expressions are my way of letting people know I don’t care what they’re thinking, I’m just doing me and enjoying myself.”⁣

Of all the mediums explored in ‘Unknown to You’, dance feels the most vulnerable and revealing. There is no abstraction between you and your art, no paintbrush or camera to transmit your feelings through, it’s simple you and your body. You have no choice but to be present and to do. ⁣

Anisha embraces this challenge wholeheartedly. Obviously, there are times when you are “stressed and under pressure” but, as Anisha so whimsically explains, “if you want to get there, you have to constantly keep that little voice in your mind on, you have to cultivate that belief.” A message worthy of any pursuit. ⁣


March 2020
“it’s ok if you’re not accepted as long as you are aware of how special you are“ - @anishathai Mixed messages is back and in this episode we talk about forming our own country BLASIA™️ and @anishathai discusses her life as an Afro-Vietnamese growing up in Paris, France 🇫🇷


Interview with @pixlofficialhk

Jan 2020

A civil engineer by day and a dancer during her free time, the beautiful and fun @anishathai is one hell of an inspiration! She became an Afro-dance phenomenon on IG after one of her videos was reposted by a famous artist and she’s been unstoppable since then.  She’s just waiting for her call from @badgalriri now